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Sunny Reynolds is an award-winning photographer based at Studio 19 in historic Old Town Warrenton, Virginia. Born in Syracuse, NY, Sunny Reynolds has lived in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia metropolitan area for over 30 years. She was educated at Syracuse University, taking additional photography classes at George Washington University and Northern Virginia Community College. She continued her artistic and technical education at professional workshops in the U.S. and Europe, participating in the Aries International Photographic Workshop in Aries, France, and Maine Photographic Workshops (for which intensive portfolio reviews were a prerequisite for admission). Sunny also attended several workshops in New York City led by professional commercial photographers.

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Sunny has been a consistent winner in a variety of photographic contests, including Nikon's International contest.  One of 35 winners in a competitive field of 38,000 entries from all over the world, her photography was selected for the Nikon Calendar of the Year.


Sunny was commissioned by Random House publishers to create images (over 200 color photos) for the book “Hardie Newton’s Celebration of Flowers.” Sunny's book, "Boats," was published by Running Press in 2002, “where she captures the joy, and wonder of the world afloat.” Two additional books are in the works.


Global travel has provided Sunny the opportunity to study and photograph many diverse cultures, including Massai tribal women, Peruvian Indian weavers and Indonesian dock workers. Her work ranges from vivid panoramic land and seascapes, to potent character portraits of indigenous people at work and play.  Architectural design, stunning wildlife shots, and radiant floral and fauna studies inspire her collection, and enliven any environment.

Sunny has an award-winning eye for light and composition, and has perfected a variety of photographic techniques such as black and white hand painting, posterization and solarization for those who prefer stylized work.  She remains dedicated to the promotion of photography as fine art, and continues to work with interior designers to either shoot a new subject series, or identify existing photos from her curated collection for both residential and corporate clients. 

Additionally, Sunny leads and organizes adventure travel for small groups to Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, The Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Sicily and Tanzania, through her company Biotrek Adventure Travels LLC.  Started in 1994, Biotrek Tours originated from the photographer's extensive professional travels worldwide. 

Sunny Reynolds

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